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Q: "Can you use Hold'em Partner while playing real money games?  Is this software legal?"

A:  Absolutely, Hold'em Partner does nothing illegal and is a software companion tool that gives you an advantage in knowing all the critical statistics needed to increase your chances of being a successful Texas Holdem Player.

Q: "Does Hold'em Partner automatically read the cards for you? (i.e., Pocket Cards, Turn, Flop, River)"

A:  Hold'em Partner does not automatically read the cards from the table.  We do provide you with a very easy to use Card List window which opens up on the right side of your screen.  It's as easy as clicking with the mouse, and no manual typing input is required.  The reason for this is so that Hold'em Partner can be used with any online poker site and not limited to just a couple (otherwise you would be forced to miss out on 100's of site promotions available).  On a side note, many poker sites have been cracking down on programs that automatically try to read cards from there software, henceforth, not paying the customers who won money using them.  They also change there online poker software frequently which cause the programs to crash.

Q: "The sw allows you to play against the computer for fun, there is no real money involved right?"

A:  Hold'em Partner does not include actual game table simulation software.  It is a companion tool that runs separately with or without the online poker software of your choice.  It can be used on free money tables, real money tables, or independently as a learning tool.  Whether real money is involved is totally up to you.

Q: "Do you have a list of online poker sites this works with?"

A:  Hold'em Partner takes pride in the fact that our software is programmed so that it may be used with any online poker site                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE TO TRY IT FOR FREE


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